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Alekhine's Gun Studio

Alekhine's Gun Studio

Dear Concerned Fans & Friends,

Recently our hometown of New York City was battered by Hurricane Sandy.  A lot of you have reached out directly to see about our safety and we really appreciate that. Many people have lost their homes and in some cases their lives.  Massive parts of Queens have burnt to the ground and southern Manhattan is still under water as I write this.

All five members of HUNG are safe.  We are also in contact with several of the area bands and so far everyone seems to be ok.  HUNGIKILLYAResolution 15 Studios in Astoria, Queens, though underground and in a flood zone, has made it through the storm unscathed.  Our friends in Alekhine’s Gun were not so fortunate as you can see by the image.

I want to take this time to recognize how important it is to treat your local scenes like family and to remember that supporting local bands means more than just liking them on Facebook. I’ll be supporting our friends in NYC by offering up what gear I can for the time being so they can do what they do best, and rock out.  I know a lot of the other bands around here will do the same.

As the people who follow us on ‘the internets’ may already know, HUNG is currently in the writing process to follow up our debut self-titled album.   The damage around us is certainly not hindering the inspiration and feeling we are putting into the next release and Hurricane Sandy has easily made its way into the story of HUNG.

Where we come from… the scene… the people around us… this is what makes us who we are.  HUNG will help to rebuild with our friends.  As our friends clean seawater from their amps to try to save them and throw guitars and cabinets into the trash, remember that you are the reason they don’t give up.  Every person who bangs their head at a show… every person who buys an album… it’s you that drives bands to trudge on through all that we do… even natural disasters that can wipe a band out completely.

Remember all of this next time you go to a show, and thank you to all the fans of all local bands everywhere.  You’re the ones behind the wheel driving this scene.  Thanks to all theHUNG fans for reaching out to see that we’re safe.  We are, and we’re coming back in 2013 with a vengeance.

We’ll see you soon.

Sam Roon
Bassist – HUNG

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Kenny GrohowskiCheck out Kenny kicking ass at Saturday night’s show! Max R. Sequeira took the footage, thanks brother!  This show was kick ass and the audience was awesome.  There was a level of enthusiasm that we haven’t seen in a while and it was a great homecoming for us in NYC!  Anyway, you didn’t come here for a show review!  Here’s the backbone of our team doing what he does best; hit circles and make noise:

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Bank Shots Wilmington, DE – number 3 on the HUNG‘s “Destroy” list was played yesterday. Despite being a pretty small size venue they definitely know how to through a BIG metal party with a head-banging crowd, cheap alcohol and Shit load of METAL. HUNG would like to thank our buddies from Von Kull for helping us out and letting us play this show.

Events like this are very pleasing and inspiring experiences. It is nice when promoters and participating acts actually promote their shows. HUNG‘s set went as follows: Maria, Progeny, Left For The New Life and Evil Tsar.

To sum it up, yesterday was a really fun and exciting show for us. More like this one please! There was a cool and surprising addition made to our calendar today. Read about it in our next post. METAL!

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Philadelphia Show Recap!


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Philadelphia, you rock. Tonight, the second show on our East Coast mini-tour, we played at the “gentleman’s club” Club Risque. Whenever a club tries to put metal bands onto a stage designed specifically for showcasing female private parts, the results can be questionable. But thankfully, Club Risque turned out to be a surprisingly good live music venue.

While there were some dancers there, it was really all about the music and every band brought it. The only actual topless action happened mid-way during our set and our stripper kindly informed us that we were “awesome” and reminded her of “Norwegian death metal”, which I think is a good thing. I was impressed, anyway.

We heard 4 other amazing bands and made some new friends, at a show that we were honored to be a part of. Thanks to Jo Schuftan and SickTrust for pulling out all the stops and getting us onto the bill. We always love playing Philly and can’t wait to be back again.

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HUNG‘s shows are the best. Why? Not because we are the greatest band ever and not because we hand out money. HUNG‘s shows are the best because we have the best friends, fans and family who come out to show support when it really matters.

Last night’s show in New York City was the first of a few tour dates we’re doing running down the east coast of the US and back. It was also our Album Release Party where we played the album in its entirety and gave away free tee shirts and CD’s to all who paid at the door.

I thought about actually listing out some people who were in attendance and realized that I would literally have a list 100 people long. So instead I would like to share with you a few moments. Continue reading

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